Microsoft Surface Hub postponed the premiere until early next year

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has postponed the premiere Hub Surface until early next year

A little counterintuitive, when a company postpones premiere of the product due to the large interest in it, but that’s what happened with the Surface Hub from Microsoft. The delivery was to begin in September, but the company updated the information on its website and the new date of commencement of sales is now January of the following year. The reason for the deferral, Microsoft called the increased interest in Surface Hub, resulting in the company faced the need to reorganize the production process in order to meet the market demand.

High demand for Surface Hub might seem strange, considering its price ($6999 or $ 19999 depending on configuration). However, we are talking about a device that is intended for use in a corporate environment and aims to replace the majority of tools used at the meetings.

The company says that the Surface Hub will work with virtually all existing Windows applications. The computer supports simultaneous work with two styli. The Junior model features a 55″ display with Full HD resolution and relies on the Core i5 processor, while more expensive modification is equipped with a Core i7 CPU and 84-inch display with a resolution of 4K. Working Surface Hub is running a modified version of Windows 10.

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