Microsoft suffered a record quarterly loss due to an unsuccessful deal with Nokia

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft suffered a record quarterly loss due to an unsuccessful deal with Nokia

Microsoft понесла рекордный квартальный убыток из-за неудачной сделки с Nokia

Microsoft announced the results of its activities for the last quarter of fiscal 2015. Written off on losses of 7.6 billion associated with the acquisition of the mobile link Nokia, have deprived the company of any chances of making a profit. Due to write-offs and related costs loss giant to a record $2.1 billion for the quarter. Other Microsoft businesses realized a profit of $6.4 billion with $22.2 billion of revenue.

The company noted that revenue from licensing Windows to OEMs fell by 22% due to the termination of support for Windows XP, but the income from the Surface increased by 117% to $888 million, thanks to strong sales of Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3.

Smartphone business grew by 10% year on year to 8.4 million units, but a lower average selling price led to a drop in income of 68%. The Xbox division managed to expand its sales by 30% to 1.4 million units for the quarter.

The positive news is that the quarter customer base of Office 365 has increased by 3 million to 15.2 million users. Overall Microsoft has done 2015 financial year with a profit of $18.2 billion and revenue of $93.6 billion.

The next week is going to be one of the most important events in the history of Microsoft – launching Windows 10. However, even with all that Windows 10 will not be in such a mess as Windows 8, the company will have to make a flawless start to take advantage of the new operating system for the benefit of your business.


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