Microsoft stops manufacturing Surface 2

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft stops manufacturing Surface 2

Although a series of Surface brought Microsoft over $ 1 billion in the last quarter, it does not merit Surface running Windows RT. It’s all thanks to Surface Pro 3, which was much more successful than all the previous versions of the tablet.

Yesterday Microsoft announced the termination of production of the Surface 2 and, as such, this news should not be too big surprise. In addition, the company says that if you still want to purchase this device, you should hurry, because the Surface 2 will soon disappear from store shelves.

Considering that Surface RT and Surface 2, virtually the only device running Windows RT, we can now say that it also means the end for your operating system. However, Microsoft previously said that Windows RT devices will continue to receive updates, including some features of Windows 10. However, these tablets will not be supported by upgrading to a new operating system.

Surface 2 is the successor to the Surface RT. The second version of the tablet thinner, lighter, faster and with better quality display, but a common problem of both models was the operating system that does not support traditional desktop applications, and that was the main reason for very low sales.

: Business Insider

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