Microsoft spoke about the new security enhancements Edge

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft spoke about the new security enhancements Edge

Great autumn update for Windows 10 marks a new stage in the development is still very young Microsoft Edge. Thanks to the new update, the browser is now more functional, stable and fast, what Microsoft said a few days ago on his official blog. Now the company has explained exactly focused recent development efforts from the point of view of the security Edge.

As we know, any browser is a favorite target of intruders. Their malware and adware programs can (often with dangerous DLL files) to implement your banners on sites that redirect users to pages with malicious code, and even change the search results.

In may, Microsoft announced that Edge will not support the binary extension mechanisms ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects. According to the company, it is not only allowed to make surfing the Internet faster, more secure and stable, but also paved the way for better interoperability with other browsers and modern models of extensions. But because of the possibility of injection into the unauthorized browser extensions in the form of DLLs (Dynamic-Link Library) all these improvements are under threat. More precisely, they were under threat.

The latest update for Windows 10 further strengthened the security model of the browser. Now Edge filter DLL and communicates only with libraries, which are authenticated and certified by Microsoft. In other words, starting with version 13 EdgeHTML, the browser blocks any attempts of implementation of DLLs if they are not signed Windows components or device drivers (for example, web cameras, microphones and other equipment). Thus, potentially malicious external intervention, aimed at implementing the web pages of foreign elements are eliminated in the Bud.

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