Microsoft sold over 3 million Xbox One last year

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft sold over 3 million Xbox One last year

2013 was a year rich in releases and announcements in the tech world, and even the latest smartphone from Apple has not been able to overshadow the inevitable war between the consoles of the next generation. It is too early to talk about which console will reign Supreme, but they both showed an impressive start in the games market.

In the middle of last month, Microsoft announced that sales of Xbox One has reached 2 million units, and now, almost a month later, Vice President of marketing at Xbox Yusuf Mehdi said that in 13 different parts of the world has sold more than 3 million consoles.

In the publication on the official blog, which is entitled «Thank you for an epic 2013,» the company gave a tribute to gamers and fans of entertainment, but also noted some of the games that helped launch the Xbox One in the last six weeks.

Sony in turn announced that in the period between 16 November and 28 December 2013, it sold 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles, but the Japanese console was launched a week earlier than the Xbox One. In addition, the Xbox One has an advantage over its rival in the form of Kinect, but the PS4 is cheaper and a bit more powerful, so to make the choice pretty easy.

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