Microsoft shared news about the development of Windows bridge for iOS

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has shared news about the development of Windows bridge for iOS

Microsoft поделилась новостями о развитии Windows bridge for iOS

Microsoft has decided once again to take stock of the project Islandwood – «a bridge» that allows iOS developers to reuse code in Objective-C to build apps for Windows.

«The bridge» was presented in August in the form of a project open source on GitHub. The reasons that led to this choice are related, on the one hand, with the desire to get as much feedback, on the other hand, with the desire of Microsoft to create a strong community around the project.

In recent months, Microsoft has achieved important goals from the point of view of the reaction of the developers, and from the point of view of existing features, fixes and updates. As an example, the company mentions support for GLKit, Xibs, AutoLayout & Storyboard, KVO/KVC, new sample projects and more coverage of the iOS libraries.

Also the software giant announced a series of upcoming changes:

Last week we launched a new landing page for the iOS bridge, and in the coming weeks we will release a set of tools designed to simplify the migration of your applications on Windows.

Among the new tools will be the tool for automatic analysis of applications. Developers will be able to download the IPA files, and the site will automatically analyze them for compatibility with «most», giving the result directly in the browser. Due to this the developers will have a rough idea about the amount of work that will need to perform to make the app available in the Windows ecosystem.

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