Microsoft said about the platform of universal apps for Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft spoke about the universal app platform for Windows 10

Microsoft has shared more details about its universal application within the strategy «One Windows», which will finally allow developers to start creating applications that will work on all devices and with different types of input.

In the article on the Windows Blog, Kevin Gallo explains that their vision is to create a single operating system kernel, which allow programmers to write applications and run them anywhere with a single set of business logic and one user interface for mobile, desktop, gaming, holographic and IoT devices.

Programs created using the new model will be available in one package in a single Windows Store.

The new app model allows developers to create functions in applications designed for specific form factors. This means that a developer can create a set of functions for mobile and desktop devices, but on PC, there may be more features, the app will look the same on all devices. This is what Microsoft calls «Adaptive user experience».

Microsoft рассказала о платформе универсальных приложений для Windows 10

In addition, the software simplifies the design of applications to help developers integrate Cortana, support for digital pens, gestures and push notifications for the new Action Center in Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phones.

The company also introduced a tool Hosted Web Apps for Windows 10, which will not only allow you to convert websites into applications, but will also offer access to a set of universal programming interfaces (API).

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