Microsoft’s new mobile strategy will rely on software

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft’s new mobile strategy will rely on software

Shortly before the Microsoft briefing January 21, on which are expected more details about Windows 10, the new test version and publication information for phones, the site The Information has revealed new information about the company’s plans.

From the publication it becomes clear that the new strategy of Microsoft for more serious penetration of the mobile market due to the dominant position in the PC market.

During a demonstration of the new features of Windows 10, the company again will show you how written code can be run on phones, tablets and computers, instead of creating versions of the code for each device.

the site also claims that the company is going to show new hardware and a working hybrid of phone and laptop, which, however, will be presented later.

With Windows 10 expected and a unified app store, which will combine existing applications for phones and computers. It is expected the debut of the new version of Office for Windows Phone, which is already available on iOS and Android.

The unification of the app stores and use the same code in phones, tablets and computers shows that Microsoft is trying to focus on the applications to improve its mobile business. So the company will try to attract developers with a new incentive, which will provide a much larger user base for their applications. The Information indicate that Americans are still discussing the possibility of compatibility with Android applications.

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