Microsoft revealed the retail prices for Windows 10 Pro and Home

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft revealed the retail price of Windows 10 Home and Pro

The software giant, finally broke his silence on the cost of retail copies of Windows 10. In the US version of Home will be offered for $ 119, while the copy Pro will cost $ 199. If you have a previous version of the operating system, but you do not use the period of free updates, then upgrade to the full retail version of Windows 10 Home and Pro will cost $ 99.

The free upgrade is the easiest way to Windows 10. You can also buy a copy of Windows 10 if you decide not to upgrade, or if you need to buy a copy for other reasons, for example if the computer was assembled by you. The recommended retail price of Windows 10 in the United States will be the same as on Windows 8.1.

Approximate retail value of the Windows 10 Home will be $ 119. Windows 10 Pro estimated will cost $ 199. Windows 10 Pro Pack that allows you to go with Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, will be available at an estimated retail price of $ 99. They will all be available in stores or online.

The company wants Windows 10 was installed on 1 billion devices in the next three years, and to achieve this, Microsoft will have to sell a lot of devices and make sure that every machine with Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be updated to the new version. Due to the free updates for existing users, the group hopes to accelerate the adoption of the new operating system.

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