Microsoft revealed the remaining unknown details concerning Windows Phone 8

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft revealed the remaining unknown details concerning Windows Phone 8

Children’s corner

One of the innovative features in Windows Phone 8 called «Kids corner» (Kid’s Corner). The idea is that often many parents allow their children to play games or use other applications on their smartphones. At the same time, nobody wants to entertain the child grew into a huge bill from the mobile operator resulting from unwanted Internet access, accidental calls or buy apps. In such cases, and useful to the new regime in WP8. With it, you determine which applications and games will be available to your child. Moreover, you will be able to restrict access to certain files to the Windows Phone Store. In this mode, denied access, and Internet Explorer, and open it will be possible only through links in the application, but even in this case, the browser will work in a mode «crippled» functionality. The child will be able to customize your «area» own the Wallpaper or background color. Return to normal mode by entering a password, which, of course, must be kept secret from children.

Microsoft раскрыла остальные неизвестные подробности в отношении Windows Phone 8

Private chat

Function Rooms allows you to create private group chats with other users of Windows Phone 8. Thus, you will be able to communicate only with a certain circle of people (friends or relatives) and share calendar entries, photos, shopping lists, etc., Access to chat is by invitation only.

Data Sense

To protect users from unwanted bills for mobile Internet, Windows Phone 8 comes with Data Sense. It compresses images before downloading to a smartphone connects to Wi-Fi networks when available and monitors the consumption of mobile Internet is approaching a pre-defined limit. In addition, Data Sense collects information about how much data is used by various applications and notifies users when near the limit.


Operating system Windows Phone 8 includes an electronic purse, which allows you to store the information about the various payment instruments (debit and credit cards) or membership cards and use them with a simple touch of the phone to a special device with support for NFC.


Microsoft announced that the Windows Phone Store more than 120,000 apps, and by the end of the year in store will have games such as Angry Birds Star Wars, Cut the Rope Experiments, Disney’s Where’s My Water, LivingSocial, Temple Run, Urbanspoon and others In the beginning of next year WP8 will get the Internet radio Pandora. The event also became clear that soon the users of WP8 will be available not only to new version of Skype, which will be integrated into the phone book, but the updated app from Facebook and Twitter.


It was paid much attention and collaboration capabilities of Windows Phone 8 with Windows 8, which went on sale a few days ago. Both platforms use the same core, and share many of the services of the company. By integrating the cloud service SkyDrive can work together on Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 computers, Microsoft Surface and Xbox 360. For example, you can start to edit the document on your phone, and when you get home, you will be able to continue to edit on the computer. Also you will be able to access music and playlists.

The device

Sales of the first smartphones with Windows Phone 8 from Nokia, HTC and Samsung will start this weekend, first in Europe and then in USA. Nokia said that already started the delivery of Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 and this week the device made of operators and stores. The first smartphones can expect the people of England and France, and then Russia, Germany, etc. to selected markets.

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