Microsoft removes the restriction on the size of the files to OneDrive

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft removes the restriction on the size of the files in OneDrive

Microsoft снимает ограничение на размер файлов в OneDrive

Shortly after the name change of its cloud service, Microsoft has reduced the cost of tariffs in OneDrive. Now, the company reported another interesting change that in the near future you will find in their profiles. It turns out that the software giant is going to be from the current limit of 2 GB for uploading files to OneDrive.

Currently, this opportunity can only be a certain number of users, but soon the change will apply to all accounts. However, it is still unknown how much will be increased the limit on the maximum size of an uploaded file. Let me remind you that the leading competitors to Microsoft in this segment, Google Drive and Dropbox allows you to upload files whose size does not exceed 5 TB, and 10 GB respectively.

The company also said that in the near future in the official blog of the details will be published in future plans. OneDrive is available for all major platforms, and Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to make the service more attractive to customers. Removing a restriction in 2 GB to download, of course, is another step in the right direction, which can increase the user base of OneDrive.

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