Microsoft releases Skype for business

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft releases Skype for business

In mid-March, Microsoft unveiled a preview version of Skype for Business, and today the company has announced a client deployment as part of the April update for Office 2013. In addition, started and spread of Skype for Business Online for Office 365 users (the process of distribution worldwide will be completed by the end of may). Thus Skype for Business taking place of Lync platform from Microsoft, used for communication and collaboration in a corporate environment.

Skype for business repeats the experience with the «consumer» version of Skype, borrowing features of Lync. The app supports chat, voice and video calls, online meetings, etc. All prepared for integration into the business, including from the point of view of the security level of communications.

Skype for Business will take the place of Lync Online for Office 365 users, but administrators Lync Online and Lync Server will be able to decide when to make available the new service (this feature will be useful if the company needs more time to transition).

Additional information about Skype for Business is available in the official Office blog.

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