Microsoft released the Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 14283

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 14283

Microsoft выпустила Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 14283

After several weeks of waiting for news on the new builds of Windows 10 Mobile, which belong to the branch of the development of the Redstone, Microsoft announced the availability of a new version 14283 in the rapid update cycle. As with previous new build is only available for the following models of smartphones: the Lumia 950, 950 XL, 650, 550, Xiaomi Mi4 and the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL. Chance to install Windows 10 Mobile Redstone mobile devices with Windows Phone 8.1 can only appear when Windows 10 Mobile will be released for them, officially.

New build 14283

The developers have added a number of missed calls and voice mail messages in tabs within the application «Phone». After switching to a tab with a missed call or voice mail counter is reset.

The «Mail and calendar» now allows you to disable the preview text in the message list. Also, you can quickly get rid of spam in your Inbox by clicking the message and selecting «move to spam». Notice of the meeting in your Outlook calendar allow you to warn that you hold.

Microsoft выпустила Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 14283

The company also warned that with the next build of Insider Hub and Windows Feedback will merge into one app called Feedback Hub. All functions of 2 individual applications will contain one new.


  • Fixed a bug that made the background with all apps list gets too bright or the opposite – too dark.
  • Fixed an issue that causes flickering of the name of the song at the volume control.
  • Solved the problem of unresponsiveness of the device when typing and reboot.
  • Several improvements in the logic of live tile updates.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the disappearance of the notification of the tiles of some apps.
  • Fixed uneven scrolling on the start screen.
  • Fixed spontaneous keyboard appears on the applications list.
  • Improved display of applications when DPI is 350%.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect formatting of the message «More notifications» in notification center.
  • Fixed a problem that paste content from the clipboard when you press the «@».
  • Notification with a custom sound now working correctly.
  • Fixed problem with connecting to the wireless display.

As for the problems that exist in this Assembly, the most serious, perhaps, is idle sync with any generation of Microsoft Band, as well as certain problems when making calls in Skype. There may also be problems with the USB Type-C to accessory Microsoft Display Dock if it has not been upgraded to version 4. Possible problems with connecting to Wi-Fi networks that use encryption method of WEP.

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