Microsoft released the Windows 10 Mobile build 10586

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Mobile build 10586

Microsoft выпустила Windows 10 Mobile build 10586

The long-awaited Assembly 10586 is now available for installation via Fast Ring for smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile. As expected, this version of software mainly focused on improving performance and fixing bugs.

According to Microsoft, the new build contains many fixes and General improvements and it is much better than previous build 10581. However, the software giant notes that after the release 10581 was discovered a bug that causes partial damage to the file system after performing a full reset. So if after installing 10581 did you do a factory reset after updating to a new version 10586 your device may fall into a state of constant reboot. To work around this problem, the company recommends that you return to Windows Phone 8.1 using the Windows phone Recovery Tool, and only then proceed to update to the new build.


  • Fixed problem with incorrect display of the start screen after updating and restoring from a backup of the phone, which was another resolution.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to manage the default location for installing applications and saving files.
  • Moving apps to SD no longer causes application to crash.
  • Improved Skype and Messages.
  • Switching between applications must occur quickly, without text, which indicates the resuming/loading the app.
  • The shutter button the camera should be working again (if she wasn’t working in the previous build).
  • Improves the reliability of downloading apps from the store.

To install the new version, go to the system Updates section and security and initiate a manual search for updates.

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