Microsoft released the first update for Windows 8.1 Preview

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft released the first update for Windows 8.1 Preview

After just a few days after Microsoft made available for download the Windows 8.1 Preview, and the app store for Windows 8/RT has surpassed 100,000 apps, the software giant released the first batch of updates for the new version of its operating system.

According to in total, it was released five updates to resolve the strange behavior of the OS, which users can’t sign in to your Google account through Picasa, and Internet Explorer 11 not able to resume interrupted downloads. In addition, one of the updates improves the reliability of the data files, other solves compatibility issues in Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows RT 8.1 Preview, and another update fixes problem with downloading some Modern applications.

Microsoft has released a new update for the Photos app in Windows 8.1, and although it brings new editing features, the company decided to remove from the app integration with Facebook and Flickr. The Verge reports that according to Microsoft, the application store for the platform there are already many solutions that offer similar functionality, and the company advises social media to develop your own applications for Windows 8.1. By the way, Facebook has already announced the development of such applications.

Finally, the images published on the website show that Microsoft is working not only on the updated mail app for the final release of Windows 8.1, but also on updates to «Calendar» and «People».

Microsoft выпустила первые обновления для Windows 8.1 PreviewMicrosoft выпустила первые обновления для Windows 8.1 Preview

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