Microsoft released the app «Bing news, Bing Weather, Bing Sports and Bing Finance» for WP8

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has released the application «Bing news, Bing Weather, Bing Sports and Bing Finance» for WP8

Microsoft has released a series of Bing apps for its mobile platform Windows Phone 8. These apps are already available for systems running Windows 8 and Windows RT, and the release of the mobile version fits perfectly into the strategy of the company from Redmond, which is trying to make two platforms (mobile and desktop) closer to each other.

A new app called «Bing news, Bing Weather, Bing Sports and Bing Finance». They are very similar to their desktop counterparts, and therefore provide quick access to the latest news, information about weather conditions, sports data, and stock reports. Of course, they all allow you to place on your home screen with a live tile so that users can instantly get the most important information.

The app «Bing news» allows you to add, edit and modify, and and also informs about the latest news; «Bing Finance» is a typical stock app with a custom stock list, currency Converter and financial news from the various editions; with «Bing Sports» you will be able to monitor what is happening in your favorite League or team; and «Bing Weather» provides hourly and daily weather forecasts in several regions, which can be fixed on the home screen of the smartphone.

In General, if you are the owner of the device with Windows Phone 8, you can get all these apps at the links above.

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