Microsoft reduces 60 engineers project HoloLens

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft reduces 60 engineers project HoloLens

Microsoft сокращает 60 инженеров проекта HoloLens

Israeli newspaper Ynet reported that Microsoft has cut 60 employees who worked on the project HoloLens in the Israeli center of research and development. Later this information was confirmed by the press center of the local branch of the company. Of these 60 people 30 were direct employees of Microsoft (they have a month to find another position within the company), and the remaining 30 were subcontractors.

Laid-off engineers were participants in the project HoloLens since its creation. The reason for this sudden reduction is the intention of Microsoft to concentrate all the work in the United States, and the decision to leave the technology, developed in Israel in the interests of the other technologies developed in the United States.

Prior to this project to create augmented reality glasses based on technology of the Israeli company, bought by Microsoft six years ago. What worked on HoloLens for 2.5 years. The software giant has decided to leave this technology, and from now on will use the technology created in North America. It is unknown how these changes will affect the ambitious project, and whether it started from scratch.

Glasses Microsoft HoloLens is completely different from the so-called virtual reality helmets. Unlike the latter, HoloLens uses holographic technology to complement its virtual world objects to interact with. The device is the first holographic computer on the operating system Windows 10 and Microsoft, provides a new view of the world.

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