Microsoft promises more cheap tablets and smartphones with Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft promises more cheap tablets and smartphones with Windows

This year, tablets and smartphones with the Windows operating system will become more accessible. At least this is the promise of the Vice-President of Microsoft nick Parker, according to the Wall Street Journal.

«We will reach the level of the price of the device with 7-, 8 — and 10-inch displays, which will be very competitive,» Parker said to reporters during Computex in Taipei. «You really will be surprised. Last year we had prices of about 300, 400, 500 dollars, and this year the price will drop to 100, 200, 300». According to Parker, this year also cheaper smartphones with Windows Phone and in some markets the model will be cheaper than $ 200.

A significant decline in prices on Windows tablets could help Microsoft attract new customers in the market, which is dominated by Apple’s iPad and cheap Android devices. Competing products like Google Nexus 7, for example, can be bought for around $ 200, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, $ 139. Comparable tablets with Windows are usually more expensive. Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft is worth at least $ 900, but offers much more space for storing files and richer capabilities than the average tablet with Windows 8.

However, lower prices can only be part of the plans of Microsoft. Operating system Windows 8 has been adopted by users without any enthusiasm that puts the company facing a problem to convince potential buyers to make a choice in favor of the model with Windows 8 instead of the iPad or Android tablet. As for Windows Phone, the smartphone with it is gradually gaining popularity in the market, but the mobile platform from Microsoft is significantly lagging behind the industry leaders iOS and Android.

In April, Microsoft announced that it will now provide Windows for free to manufacturers for devices with diagonal less than 9 inches. The first results of this decision were not long to wait. During Computex, Parker introduced two new tablet with full Windows 8.1 that will be available at very aggressive prices. One of them is a 7-inch model Toshiba Encore, which will be offered for $ 150, while the 8-inch EM-i8080 from the Chinese manufacturer Emdoor will cost even less – just $ 100.

In addition, making Windows free for small tablets and smartphones, Microsoft has closed the gap from Google, which distributes its mobile Android operating system among manufacturers of equipment, without cost to them. This is one reason why Android has quickly become the most widely used platform for smartphones and tablets.

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