Microsoft prepares to launch Windows Store for business

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft prepares to launch Windows Store for businesses

Microsoft готовится к запуску Магазина Windows для бизнеса

Rich ecosystem of tools that are designed exclusively for business is essential for success of Windows 10 on the market, so specifically for this user group Microsoft is preparing a separate Windows Store.

The Windows store for business was announced in November 2014, and the first presentation of its features was held at Build Developer Conference 2015. Currently, the vault enterprise applications are still not running, but the testing of the program Windows Insider for Windows 10 Enterprise has already begun, according to the publication ZDNet, citing the words of a Microsoft representative. The company does not name the exact date of the launch of the final version for all business users, but it is likely that it will happen next week with the release of Windows 10 Threshold 2.

The Windows store for the business as a whole as will be known to all of us the Windows Store, but with appropriate additional strokes for organizations, including, for example, payment instruments that focus on corporate users and applications with a focus on business transactions.

To use the new Store will need to create or login with your organization account. The official website also States that the network administrators will be able to find apps, buy them individually or in large volumes, manage licenses and check for updates. In addition, the Windows Store for business will allow you to install applications on computers that do not have access to the Internet through corporate servers.

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