Microsoft postpones support Android apps on Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft postpones support for Android apps in Windows

Microsoft откладывает поддержку Android-приложений в Windows

Over the weekend there were rumors that Microsoft allegedly abandoned the project, which would support Android apps in smartphones and computers with Windows 10. In his statement on the website Re/code the company said that work on an initiative called Project Astoria is going according to plan. At the same time, Microsoft refused to clarify whether the development is temporarily stopped, slowed or stopped completely.

The project was presented in April, but lately the company has stopped to talk about it, and the developers never received the promised software tools. However, the tools for iOS and web applications is ready, and soon will be available tools to convert Win32 apps in compatible with phones and tablets.

The decision of Microsoft to abandon the Project Astoria is not surprising – BlackBerry also offers compatibility with Android apps in BlackBerry 10, but since the function works particularly well, the company just decided to release a smartphone with Android. On the other hand, will work with iOS apps, what to users much more interesting, as on Apple’s platform are available more high-quality apps.

The Verge writes that Microsoft employees, developing Project Astoria had already been involved in work on a tool to port apps from iOS. The company also removed the subsystem required to run Android apps from the last test version of Windows 10 Mobile. It will not be in the final version of the operating system.

It is reported that in the initial plans of the company was to only support iOS and compatible with Android only started to embrace developers from countries where iOS does not enjoy high popularity.

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