Microsoft ponders Windows compatibility with Android apps

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft ponders Windows compatibility with Android apps

Microsoft is contemplating to add in Windows Phone and Windows application support for Android, and claim of The Verge familiar with the plans of the company. Yet Microsoft has not decided on a bold step, but employees were already divided into two camps – some believe that it will only contribute to the development of Windows, while others believe that it will kill the operating system in the long term.

The Verge writes that the Android world of mobile devices, it’s like Windows on computers – the mobile platform from Google is everywhere, and interest in it continues to grow. Usually mobile apps at the same time appear on Android and iOS, and are often delayed on Windows Phone. If you make them Windows-compatible, it would solve the problem of Microsoft.

In that case, if the idea is approved, the tech giant is likely to turn to partners to make this compatibility possible, since support for the Android platform is a huge problem. BlueStacks, according to The Verge, it seems the most likely candidate for this role. Company for several years has the technology that allows you to use Android applications on Windows. However, it is unknown whether Microsoft to enter into negotiations with BlueStacks.

So why would Microsoft take such a risk? The answer to this question is obvious: despite the enormous efforts of Microsoft to maintain interest in Windows and increase of this indicator in relation to Windows Phone, Android remains the market leader in mobile communication. The company can use this to attract a significant portion of Android users to their products – provided that they are compatible with any Android applications.

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