Microsoft plans to sell 16 million Windows tablets by Christmas

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft plans to sell 16 million Windows tablets by Christmas

New year season is traditionally the most favorable for the consumer electronics market. He is quickly approaching and all major manufacturers are preparing for this important period, planning your strategy for best results.

This year’s record sales can be registered not only in the smartphone segment, but the segment of tablets, which due to the crisis of personal computers is going through a period of massive expansion.

Along with the new iPad and numerous Android devices, their word can say and tablets based on Windows, at least that is the hope of Microsoft, which has set a goal to sell 16 million tablets during the holiday season. And since the end justifies the means, this year MS will spend twice as much on advertising and presence in the retail chain. In the past year, marketing costs of Windows devices was $241 million, and this year the software giant intends to spend $405 million, $131 million will be allocated to the «incentives and offers», and the remaining $274 million will be spent on direct marketing and marketing expenses. As you can see, Microsoft really wants to turn Windows device into «the favorite part of people’s lives».

According to Gartner, by the end of December will be sold 184 million tablets worldwide. Well, go ahead, Microsoft.


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