Microsoft patents the keyboard with gesture control

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft patented keyboard with gesture control

Microsoft патентует клавиатуру с жестовым управлением

A new patent from Microsoft reveals the company’s plans to create a keyboard for the PC, interaction is using gestures, without the need for additional devices such as the Kinect controller.

Keyboard with gestures allow users to control items on the screen including Windows, menus, reports Microsoft News. Provides support for the hand gestures in the air, and this means that users don’t even have to touch the keyboard to perform a specific task.

Microsoft патентует клавиатуру с жестовым управлением

About a similar development was first reported at the conference of the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) in Toronto, when Microsoft revealed the concept of the keyboard which supports touch and gesture control. Then the company explained that users need to keep their hands on the keyboard, or very close to it to perform certain tasks.

One obvious application of the new technology is to replace gestures of the various shortcut keys (e.g. Alt + Tab) that would facilitate navigation between different applications.

Currently there is no information on when Microsoft is going to use this gesture technology.

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