Microsoft patents 3D interface

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft patents 3D interface

Microsoft патентует 3D-интерфейс

Microsoft constantly develops and hones the tools of interaction with PC, tablet, smartphone, and console. Over the past few years, the company is trying to impose on us the live tiles interface elements that mark the evolution of the traditional UI of smart phones and computers and are one of the most prominent features of Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 / 8.1.

A recent patent application by Microsoft shows how in the end can become «live» tiles, which are still limited by two-dimensionality.

Patent «3D User Interface for application entities», which was sent by the company to the patent office on September 24, describes an interface based on three-dimensional geometric figures. On each side figures placed interactive elements that can be application or nested application.

The documentation shows only cubic structure of the interface, but the patent applies to any volumetric three-dimensional forms, which in addition to the display elements can be transparent or translucent.

Now still early to speak about the appropriateness of such an interface in the operating system for PCs or smartphones, but the ideal option would be to use such in the project virtual reality Microsoft HoloLens.

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