Microsoft on track to release Windows 10 in late summer – early autumn

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft on track to release Windows 10 in late summer – early autumn

Earlier Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be released somewhere in mid 2015, but now there is a bit more specifics about the timing of release. According to Kevin Turner from Microsoft, the official release date for Windows 10 is «the end of summer and early fall» 2015, this he said during the Credit Suisse Technology conference this week.

Looking back at the releases of the previous versions of the operating system, you can assume that Windows 10 RTM will be released closer to the end of summer 2015, And because Microsoft releases a new version of the operating system is usually in mid-autumn, the commercial debut of Windows 10 will probably take place in October, just as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Also it may happen that Microsoft will try to prepare new operating systems by August 2015 because August 24 will be the 20th anniversary since the release of Windows 95. Perhaps the company wants to use this event to release Windows 10 (but that’s just speculation).

It is now known that Microsoft plans to boast consumer features of Windows 10 next month. The next Assembly will be called Windows January Technical Preview, and with it we hope to see the first preview build of the mobile version of Windows 10, which supposedly will work on smartphones and tablets based on ARM processors and an Intel.

: ZDNet

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