Microsoft needs a new leader and complete renovation, said Steve Ballmer

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft needs a new leader and complete renovation, said Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO prepares for her departure from the company, in which he came a few decades ago. Speaking about the reason for his departure in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ballmer said that Microsoft required a visionary leader who is able to handle all the new challenges that stand in the way of the giant.

«I may have become a symbol of the past. I have to move on.» — admitted Ballmer edition. «As much as I loved everything I do, I understand that in the new era, Microsoft must come with a new leader who can accelerate the modernization of the company.» The Board of Directors was not satisfied with the pace with which Ballmer tried to reach out to key markets – smartphones and tablets – this was the main reason for his departure.

The new direction Microsoft is obvious, but the company is still missing people who can get things done. While Microsoft continues to maintain a strong position in the software market, the company needed to shake up the management structure and focus on building mobile devices and online services, to guarantee stability in the long term.

The current CEO of Nokia, whereby the Finnish smartphone maker and has agreed to merge with Microsoft, is one of the favorites for the open managerial position in the company. However, investors are not enthusiastic about his candidacy because of the rumors that Stephen Elop intends to close Bing and sell the Xbox division.

The newly elected leader will become the third Microsoft CEO since the company’s founding. Ballmer joined Microsoft in 1980, Today it is the second largest shareholder of the company from Redmond.

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