Microsoft MobileFusion will turn the camera of your smartphone into a 3D scanner

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft MobileFusion will turn the camera of your smartphone into a 3D scanner

Microsoft MobileFusion превратит камеру вашего смартфона в 3D-сканер

The software giant wants to let you use your smartphone camera for something more than just take pictures. New project Microsoft research laboratory seeks to turn your smartphone camera into a 3D scanner such that you can automatically create three-dimensional models suitable for 3D printing.

In the demo video, the researchers used the iPhone 5S to scan objects by simply moving the phone around them. After shooting the software begins to build a model of the captured object. Some of the models look ugly, but impressive and such a result, given that the iPhone camera was not designed to do such things.

The creators say that no additional hardware is required – their application allows you to turn into a 3D scanner of any current smartphone. This may be the answer of Microsoft to Project Tango from Google. For comparison, the latter uses additional components, including a depth sensor, which in combination with the camera software creates a three-dimensional model of the environment. Additional sensors on the Tango will probably lead to better results, but Microsoft say that their method requires only one camera.

Microsoft project is named MobileFusion and currently the developers are trying to make it work under iOS, Android and Windows Phone. On the date of launch of this technology to the General public is not reported.

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