Microsoft may rename Internet Explorer

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft may rename Internet Explorer

Microsoft is considering to change the name of your browser, Internet Explorer that, in accordance with Net Applications, is the most popular on personal computers.

In the past IE has been severely criticized for the slow update and incompatibility with web standards, which has become a major headache for developers of websites and web applications. With the latest version of IE 10 and 11, Microsoft significantly improved the browser, but negative experience from the past continues to cast a shadow on it. That’s why the Internet Explorer team is considering the possibility to rename the browser to show that is a competitor to Chrome and Firefox. It was clear from the internal correspondence published on the website Reddit. However, at this stage, they discussed the possibility of the new name of the browser.

Microsoft invests millions of dollars in developing and marketing Internet Explorer, but is still a negative perception of the browser, accumulated over many years, when Firefox and Chrome flourished, and IE has stalled. Microsoft still hopes that more users will test the new version of IE and seeing changes that will start to use it constantly.

In the first half of 2015 is expected the release of Windows 9, so if the company really is planning to rename the IE, this is best done simultaneously with the launch of the next version of the operating system.

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