Microsoft may open source code for Windows Live Writer

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft may open source code for Windows Live Writer

Incredibly, Microsoft can open source code for one of their software products. We are talking about Windows Live Writer (part of Microsoft Windows Essentials), which haven’t been updated, but many users still use it.

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is a desktop program with which users can publish new articles, photos and videos in their blogs, even without having access to the web platform. WLW supports popular services including WordPress and Blogger.

According to Scott Hanselman, a developer in Microsoft, the company is considering the possibility of opening the source code to Windows Live Writer. This will allow interested developers to keep the product alive and updated.

Hanselman hopes that if his message on Twitter will receive 20 000 retweets, Microsoft will approve of the idea of open source code WLW, because it will become obvious that the app is very popular among bloggers. However, the press service of Microsoft still does not officially commented on the idea of Hanselman.

Currently, the blogs editor from Microsoft available for free download for all current versions of Windows, including XP and Windows 8.1

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