Microsoft may join the sanctions against Russia

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft may join the sanctions against Russia

Microsoft and other large it-companies can join the sanctions against Russia, which insist the United States in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. According to publications in the Russian media, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, HP and several other American it corporations are considering the termination of cooperation with Eastern partners.

Such actions may deprive Russian banks are critical to their software, reports It can also lead to the creation of similar Russian software.

About the intention of the American tech giants to join the sanctions against Russia according to the publication citing and technical departments of the two banks caught up in the American «black list». Also the possibility of introduction of restrictions for Russian companies was confirmed by the representative of an American company.

The Secretary of the Committee on strategic information systems in the Russian State Duma, Andrey Chernogorov noted that American it companies actually have joined the sanctions against a number of Russian banks and their structures.

Representatives of Microsoft and Oracle discussed the situation with experts of one of the sanctioned banks, but not yet blocked access to the software for its Russian customers.

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