Microsoft may introduce Windows 9 on 30 September

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft may introduce Windows 9 on 30 September

Microsoft может представить Windows 9 30 сентября

We have already heard the news that the first version of Windows 9 will appear at the end of September, and now The Verge has named the exact date. On the website States that the operating system can be presented on September 30.

For a special event, probably Microsoft will announce the name of the successor of the Windows 8.1 operating system and will outline the major new features and changes to be made in it.

The final version of Windows Threshold or Windows 9 will be released in 2015, but this fall the world will see a preliminary publication, which will be able to test the developers and enthusiasts.

Another piece of information is that Microsoft is preparing and merged with the Windows Phone version of Windows RT, the details of which we are also unable to 30 September. This, in fact, it is not surprising, as the Corporation recently announced its plans to merge all versions of Windows platform.

At the same time, Tom Warren from The Verge decided to err, saying that Microsoft may announce Windows 9 on 30 September or a few days later, but confirmed the information from ZDNet that the next Windows will debut in the first month of autumn or early in the second.

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