Microsoft may delay the implementation of some features of Windows 10 Redstone

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft could delay implementation of some features of Windows 10 Redstone

Microsoft может повременить с реализацией некоторых особенностей Windows 10 Redstone

After the official release of Windows 10 Version 1511 (Threshold 2) in November last year, activity in the program Windows Insider is markedly decreased. To date, the company has released two preview builds of Windows 10 Redstone (next major update), but none of them brought anything new to the function level. The head of the Windows Insider Gabriel Ol day of the release of the latest build of Windows 10 Redstone (11099 from January 13) confirmed that it will be some time before we will be able to notice the first results of the company. And if you believe the latest rumors, new features may be less than originally planned.

Online edition Petri, citing unnamed inside company reports that the team will focus on improving the new unified platform OneCore, which will make the operating system even more versatile and affordable for each class of devices. In this regard, some of the planned features to be delayed until the next major update, which should appear in fall 2016.

This is also a consequence of the restructuring of the internal business process, which is expected to simplify the development of the system and will allow us to release insider build Windows 10 more often.

Sorry, do not say, the implementation of which functions can be transferred at a later date.

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