Microsoft may be developing a version of Windows 10 for ARM and Windows 10 Mobile x86

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft may be developing a version of Windows 10 for ARM and x86 Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft, возможно, разрабатывает версию Windows 10 для ARM и Windows 10 Mobile x86

A few years ago Microsoft introduced the world to Windows RT, a version of its desktop operating system that can run on devices with ARM architecture. However, despite the presence of a full desktop work environment, Windows RT was compatible only with Windows store apps. This was the reason for the complete failure of the project and then closing it. However, it seems that the software giant wants to try again.

Portal MSDN documentation found evidence that Microsoft is working on desktop editions of Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education) for ARM devices. Moreover, there’s also mention of Windows 10 Mobile platform ARM64 and x86 Windows 10 Mobile, which very clearly hints at the possible advent of smartphones with 64-bit processors and x86 architecture.

A user with the nickname WalkingCat, who first discovered this information, also indicates the LinkedIn profile of one of the Microsoft employees who participated in the development of the subsystem for running x86 applications on ARM.

In addition, yesterday Microsoft has released the source code of the engine Microsoft Edge. Analyzing the published files, you may notice the existence of the folder ARM 64. Apparently, Microsoft decided to reconsider its decisions on the use of technology based on ARM processors. This may mean that on Surface, Surface 2, and a few other tablets running Windows RT you can later install the full Windows 10. Can also be released smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile, supporting desktop software, so the rumor about the Surface Phone is becoming more real.

Of course, at the moment none of this has been confirmed by an official AMI, therefore, we cannot draw unambiguous conclusions. We can only wait and watch how events will unfold.

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