Microsoft launches Xim app to share photos for Windows Phone, Android and iOS

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft launches Xim app to share photos for Windows Phone, Android and iOS

Microsoft Research, a research centre of the company from Redmond, is in constant activity and are often quoted for a particularly interesting and innovative projects that really do not always become products destined for the end user. Fortunately, it is an unwritten rule with exceptions, as evidenced by Xim, a new service for sharing photos, which was presented today by Microsoft Research. Distinguishing features: cross-platform, no need to install the app on all devices, as well as elements borrowed from the app Snapchat.

First, the Xim is an app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Second, Xim allows you to share a series of photos of contacts from the phonebook. Thirdly, the service is actively using the cloud to create a shared virtual space that allows you to view photos through a browser. Thus, the application can be installed on only one device group. Finally, the exchange system is based on the same nature of transience that is inherent in Snapchat. In other words, the exchange time limit. Because of this feature, Microsoft Research introduced the Xim with the phrase: «share your photos, but not the phone.»

The user who creates the «Xim» with your phone, you may choose the pictures (up to 50 images) in the camera roll, OneDrive, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how it works – you start the Xim, select the photos you want, as well as the contacts with whom you want to share your photos. Recipients will be sent an email with a link to the web client. When they move it, you’ll see exactly what you see. Any participant can add text comments, and those who also have the app installed Xim, you can add your photos in a slideshow. Images are deleted after a certain amount of time.

Xim (Android | iOS | Windows Phone)

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