Microsoft lagging behind in terms of integration of Skype in Windows 10

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft lagging behind in terms of integration of Skype into Windows 10

Microsoft отстает в сроках интеграции Skype в Windows 10

The first month of autumn is coming to an end, and announced the integration of Skype in Windows 10 still is not in sight. Back in July, Redmond reiterated his determination to implement the project on introduction of the Skype features in the form of three separate universal apps, but the company promised by the end of the summer to overcome the loss of the modern Skype app (which is no longer supported and only works in Windows RT) and to offer an alternative to the desktop version.

The project is clearly behind the original deadlines, so the team decided to give some clarification on this issue:

We want to be sure that is built into Windows 10 Skype will offer the best experience, so we need a little more time to make sure he is ready for users. At the same time, you can continue to use Skype for desktop, Skype for Windows Phone Skype for Web in Edge.

It is likely that application integration will be implemented in the first major update to Windows 10 (Threshold 2), the launch of which sort of planned for November, but this is only speculation. For the sake of completeness it should be noted that in early September, Microsoft released a beta version of a new Skype Messaging features, which, however, is only available for Windows 10 Mobile.

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