Microsoft is working on project to stream apps and games

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is working on a project of streaming apps and games

It is reported that Microsoft is working on a service for streaming apps and games for Windows. According to a post on ZDNet, the software giant creates a service codenamed Arcadia. New technology will allow Windows users to stream games and certain apps on their devices (PC, tablets, phones) from the cloud.

According to jobs, which was published by Microsoft, developed by Arcadia link in the Operating Systems Group, and this service is based on cloud technology Microsoft Azure, reports ZDNet.

Similar technology the company demonstrated back in September 2013 with the project under the code name Rio. Then, Microsoft have reproduced the game of Halo 4 running in the cloud, on your smartphone with Windows Phone. According to Mary Jo Foley, Arcadia is the replacement for Rio.

Because the job description mentions that the company is looking for senior software engineers with experience developing for iOS and Android, it could mean that Arcadia will work on other platforms or that the company is aiming to bring apps from other platforms to Windows. In particular, in the publication on ZDNet says that Microsoft is considering a new streaming service as a way to use apps and games for Android on devices with Windows.

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