Microsoft is testing underwater data centers

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is testing underwater data centers

Microsoft тестирует подводные центры обработки данных

Project Natick is the name of the new project, which is nothing more than an attempt by Microsoft Research to create data centers for cloud computing at the bottom of the ocean.

The idea was born from the desire of companies to reduce energy consumption. As you know, servers in data centers generate a tremendous amount of heat and cooling required to maintain a low temperature consume a lot of energy. The construction of such infrastructure on the ocean floor promises significant cost reduction through the use of «natural» power and cooling (the energy of the waves and ocean water).

The first tests on a small prototype, which in November last year, he was immersed on the bottom of the ocean a kilometer from the Pacific coast of the United States have yielded positive results.

Currently, Microsoft has more than 100 data centers worldwide, the cost of which has exceeded 15 billion dollars. A Project in Natick, the company sees a viable way to reduce the cost of their service.

Detailed information about Project Natick available on the official website.

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