Microsoft is readying a tool to verify compatibility of iOS apps for the Islandwood Project

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft is readying a tool to verify compatibility of iOS apps for Project Islandwood

Microsoft готовит инструмент проверки совместимости iOS-приложений для Project Islandwood

Project Islandwood is one of the ways to attract developers to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. This so-called «bridge» which allows (and effortlessly) to convert written in Objective-C iOS apps to Windows universal app.

Since the last news about Project Islandwood, which Microsoft revealed in mid-November, the project has seen some important events: in December, the company issued guidance for developers were announced today and the imminent release of a new tool with which the process of porting applications will become even easier.

It is a tool to check compatibility, which, according to Microsoft, will automatically analyze the application for compatibility with the «bridge» and will show the results directly in the browser. The developer will be able to know how much work he has to perform to move your application to Windows, as well as get tips and alternatives that they use libraries that are not supported yet «bridge».

The tool is still being tested; it will be ready in a few weeks (at least so says Microsoft), but now you can send IPA files to their iOS apps, fill in this form to help the company to carry out all the necessary checks. Once the analysis is ready, you will receive a letter with the results.

Recall that Project Islandwood is an open-source, available on GitHub.

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