Microsoft is preparing a preview version of Windows 10 for phones

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is preparing a preview version of Windows 10 for phones

Microsoft is preparing to release a new preview version of Windows Phone later this month. Last weekend the company released a Phone Insider application, which will provide early access to platform updates to smartphone users. This happens shortly after a press conference on January 21 when the company will reveal its plans for Windows 10 for phones and tablets.

As reported by the Verge, the company will show a variety of features that are being developed for the mobile version of Windows 10. Among them, there will be changes to the interface aimed at the convergence of mobile, desktop and console (Xbox One) versions of the operating system.

Software that inside the company called Windows 10 Mobile will be a combination of Windows Phone and Windows RT. Microsoft wants to use the universal app model, which aims to tablets and phones running identical software.

Detailed information for developers, and plans about applications will be announced in the spring at the BUILD conference, while the event on January 21 will focus on the consumer features of the two versions of Windows 10. Probably the same day we learn the final name of the new system, which combines the Windows RT and Windows Phone.

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