Microsoft is going to distance themselves from brands «Nokia» and «Windows Phone»

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is going to distance themselves from brands «Nokia» and «Windows Phone»

The software giant has repeatedly hinted that it plans to stop using the brand «Nokia» in future products. However, Microsoft has already introduced its first smartphone after the acquisition of the mobile link of the Finnish company, but this brand is still emblazoned on them. However, the latest data published on GeeksOnGadgets, became another proof of the new strategy of Microsoft.

According to the data, the company intends to submit the following smartphones only with the brand name «Lumia», without using the name of the Finnish company, which now barely mentioned Microsoft in recent times.

Microsoft’s plan also envisages a gradual merger of the mobile platform with Windows. This process will take much more time, but it means that once it is completed, the word «Phone» will disappear from the names of the mobile platform. Most likely, it will happen with the release of the next version of the operating system, namely Windows 9. Although, it is reported that the company is preparing to discontinue using the brands «Nokia» and «Windows Phone» in advertising campaigns for the upcoming holiday season.

We also recall that Stephen Elop, who now runs the mobile division of Microsoft, a few months ago, said in a statement that, in the end, they will cease to use the brand «Nokia». Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, which will soon appear on the European market, apparently, will be the last smartphones with Nokia logo.

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