Microsoft is experiencing increasing difficulties in China

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is experiencing increasing difficulties in China

Us software group Microsoft will have to fight for its image in the complex Chinese market.

Powerful state television channel China Central Television (CCTV) released into the environment the material in which he criticized the Windows 8 operating system and called into question its safety. The program was attended the participation of the expert individuals who claimed that Microsoft may collect information about the users of the software, including phone numbers and information about Bank accounts. «Whoever controls the operating system controls all data on the disk on which it is installed,» said the experts.

In addition to the accusations against Microsoft, the article mentioned the involvement of the U.S. government for coordinating the actions of cyber espionage, writes the Wall Street Journal. In China this is quite a hot topic, as a former employee of the American national security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden has made serious revelations about the actions of the secret service. In may, the Chinese government has announced that it will not purchase computers with Windows 8.

A Microsoft representative declined to comment on the TV stuff, but recalled an earlier statement, the chief lawyer brad Smith said that Microsoft takes action against espionage activities of the government and to protect user data.

Despite the fact that the broadcast of CCTV are not representative of the views of senior management of the Asian country, the channel has a powerful power. For example, after the critical materials for a number of companies have changed their policies and some have even quit the Chinese market.

The Chinese government’s decision not to buy machines with Windows 8 was made more than a month after the cessation of official support widespread operating system Windows XP.

However, Western technology companies may face greater headwinds in China, especially now that the US and China continued to trade blows in the field of information technology.

For a long time, China’s actions are aimed at reducing dependence on international technologies. According to analysts, the spy scandal caused by Snowden, has already led to weaker results from companies such as Cisco and IBM.

Microsoft does not publish official data on the sales by country, so it’s impossible to say what impact will the decision of the Chinese government on the performance of the company. But in 2011 the then CEO Steve Ballmer said that because of the wide spread piracy of Microsoft revenue in China accounted for only 5% of the amount achieved by the company in the United States.

But the growing proliferation of Internet and computer users to make the country one of the most attractive markets in the world. China, with its 600 million Internet users, most of whom go online through smartphones, has attracted the attention of technology companies, and the giant from Seattle is no exception.

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