Microsoft is developing virtual reality technology for the Xbox

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is developing virtual reality technology for the Xbox

Microsoft rumored to be developing a virtual reality device to augment the gaming potential of the Xbox One. This writes The Wall Street Journal, based on information from their agents.

Again this is only rumors and until now, the company has not made any official comments about this, but given that Sony is close to the announcement of its own virtual reality headset, quite logically, Microsoft is working on something similar.

The software giant has never ceased to look for new ways to change our thinking about play. For example, in 2013, a team from Microsoft Research revealed IllumiRoom technology – projection system augmented reality for transferring images of the game beyond the TV. After that, however, the company no longer shared the news about the progress of the project.

In recent years virtual reality technology has been given much attention, many members of the gaming industry. As example, the company Valve, which is working on its own VR technology. But the currently known representative of this promising field is the company Oculus VR, which, with the help of support on Kickstarter, has developed perhaps the best virtual reality helmet for three-dimensional games. We are talking about the Oculus Rift project, which was named the best at CES 2014.

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