Microsoft is developing smart bra

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft develops smart bra

A tendency to launch more and more «smart» gadgets is already beginning to yield quite strange results. A few days it became known that Microsoft Research has developed a «smart bra» that is supposed to help its owner to avoid the so-called «emotional eating», which usually leads to excess weight as a result.

The bra contains several sensors (including gyroscope and accelerometer) that measure heart activity and General condition of the skin lady. The information collected is transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone with Windows Phone, which is a special application every hour shows current emotional state of women and gives useful recommendations for improvement. In addition, before each meal in the app, you must enter information about the foods that will be consumed, and based on the emotional state of women before the meal, the application (if necessary) will interfere with the recommendation not to take extra foods.

Of course, at the moment we are talking about the prototype, which is too far from the exit to the market, especially considering that the tests only 37.5% of the participants stated that «smart bra» actually changed their eating habits.

: Neowin

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