Microsoft is developing a system which learns user habits to prolong the battery life of laptops and tablets

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft is developing a system which learns user habits to prolong the battery life of laptops and tablets

Microsoft разрабатывает систему, которая учится на привычках пользователей, чтобы продлить время автономной работы ноутбуков и планшетов

The battery is the weak point of all modern portable and mobile devices. By themselves, these devices are capable of many things, but current technology energy management do not allow us to use them without recharging for as long and as intensely as I would like.

Microsoft Research think they have found a way that would help solve the problem of Autonomous work of notebooks and tablets. In particular, the company proposes to use smart technologies that are available today.

The idea of Microsoft is to use different types of batteries that are optimized for different tasks. Instead of a single lithium-ion battery, which is maintained by hardware, the company is considering the possibility of combining in a single device various types of batteries, among which you can switch dynamically by software. For example, if you work in Word, a user runs another, much more demanding of energy a task (e.g., video processing), the operating system detects it and activates the battery, which is specifically optimized for this task. That’s the idea Microsoft.

Moreover, thanks to machine learning, the software giant provides the possibility of improving an energy management system in accordance with the user’s habits. As an example, Microsoft leads the person who in the course of the working day usually use the mobile computer for email and working with Word documents, while returning home on a bus or train, browse Internet and video. On the basis of these habits, the computer can optimize the charge to him enough, and then, on the other.

It is important to note that the project is still experimental, but in the case of its successful implementation of this technology may well become part of commercial products in the coming years.

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