Microsoft is developing a completely new browser for Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is developing a completely new browser for Windows 10

Microsoft разрабатывает совершенно новый браузер для Windows 10

Some time ago, there were reports that Microsoft is working on a new version of Internet Explorer for Windows 10, which will be largely similar to Firefox and Chrome. However, in recent posting on ZDNet says that Microsoft is preparing a completely new web browser is not Internet Explorer 12.

According to Mary Jo Foley, Spartan (code name of the browser) will not rely on the widely used WebKit engine. Instead, the company will continue to use their own, existing technologies ranging from javascript engine Chakra and ending with the rendering engine Trident.

Some information about the features of the browser we found out in September, including the availability of support extensions, and Chrome — and Firefox-like interface. But the interesting thing is that this is not Internet Explorer 12 but an entirely new and more lightweight browser from Microsoft.

In addition, according to Neowin, Microsoft will introduce a new version of its rendering engine Trident. However, Spartan will offer backward compatibility with the old version. I.e. if the browser will detect the relevant web page, it will display them in compatibility mode. If the compatibility mode is not necessary, then handle the rendering will be a new version of the Trident.

Microsoft has not yet made any official statements about the details of the project, but it is reported that Windows 10 will ship with two browsers (IE 11 and Spartan) for the purposes of backward compatibility. Also Spartan will be available for desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets with Windows 10.

As expected, Microsoft will reveal the consumer features of Windows 10 on January 21, and there is a chance that the software giant will demonstrate a Spartan during the press conference. Mary Jo Foley argues that the development of Spartan has reached such a level that the appearance of this browser in one of the pre-Assembly is not an unlikely scenario.

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