Microsoft integrates Skype into Office Online

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft integrates Skype into Office Online

Without a doubt, Office Online is one of the biggest successes of the company from Redmond and more people use the opportunities of this tool competing with Google Docs, which still dominates by a wide margin in this segment.

Launching Office Online, Microsoft thought about all those people who work in a group and need a free online tool that allows you to participate in the development of documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Now, finally, Microsoft has realized that to work together on documents, users must be in constant communication with each other, so soon, working on documents, you will be able to communicate with their colleagues via Skype chat right in the browser window.

Microsoft интегрирует Skype в Office Online

At the initial stage, this feature will be available in Word Online and PowerPoint Online. Because the function is based on Skype, users will be able to continue to communicate with other collaborators through the app on your computer or smartphone while away from your document.

The company has not revealed details about how will work this feature, but it is clear that Office Online continues to grow and develop, and now is a worthy rival to Google Docs.


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