Microsoft improves ranking and search apps in Windows Store

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft improves ranking and search apps in the Windows Store

Microsoft улучшает ранжирование и поиск приложений в Windows Store

Microsoft announced the introduction of several modifications in the Windows Store, which should improve the search visibility of a published application. More specifically, the company has optimized the ranking algorithm to give more attention to the apps with the most downloads and best ratings. Redmond also announced changes to the search algorithm that improves search apps and games by title or keyword.

Along with these improvements, the company is preparing a few changes related to user feedback. As this is happening, all those comments that contain spam or are considered fraudulent, will be censored. In addition, starting in March, Microsoft will show reviews written by users of the Slow Ring assemblies. Previously, such comments were not displayed or were simply removed because the company believed that working with unstable builds of the operating system, the user could receive a negative experience of using the app. However, the analysis of the reviews, which were published last year, showed no significant differences between the estimates are not insiders and users of the assemblies from the channel Slow Ring. As for the Fast Ring users, then, as before, their reviews will be hidden.

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