Microsoft has updated Bing logo and page design with search results

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has updated the Bing logo and page design with search results

Microsoft has made some changes to its search engine Bing. The company introduced a new logo design and updated search results page. One of the key changes is the so-called Page function Zero. It is designed to offer users the information they need before they can see the traditional page of search results.

Based on the familiar autocomplete function, which starts at the moment when the user enters his search query, Bing will immediately provide relevant information and the opportunity to continue the search. For example, if you type «Katy Perry», Bing will understand that you are looking for even before you click on the search button, and will offer you a brief background about who she is, and other popular links associated with it.

Another innovation, which found a place in a new area at the top of the page, got the name Pole Position. This function provides detailed information about the current weather conditions in a particular city, etc.

Changes were Snapshots and Sidebar – a quick reference when searching for people, places and more that appear on the right side of search results. Changes are combined with a ribbon that gives information about your contacts in social networks, statuses, photos, posts, tweets, etc.

The new version of Bing will launch in the coming weeks.


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