Microsoft has sold over 200 million licenses for Windows 8

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has sold over 200 million licenses for Windows 8

Microsoft has always been a bit quiet in terms of the level of sales of Windows 8, but yesterday the Executive Vice-President of Microsoft’s marketing Tami Reller said that the latest version of the operating system, the company overcame the barrier of the 200 million sold licenses. Let me remind you, six months earlier, Microsoft reported 100 million copies sold.

Of course, the numbers are impressive, but in retrospect, it is clear that sales of Windows 8 are lagging behind those of Windows 7 at 40 million – Yes, for the first year of Windows 7 sold around the world sold 240 million copies.

The reasons for such slow sales partly associated with the current state of the PC market. People switch from desktop computers to mobile devices, and mobile market, as we know, is dominated by other major players – Google and Apple. But the main reason is the current problems the operating system itself, which may not provide the optimal working environment.

Now Microsoft is preparing Windows 8.1 Update 1, and numerous leaks show that the company is trying to take steps in the right direction, making the operating system more convenient for users using traditional PC and not a tablet.

Tami Reller also said that the current priority of the team is to expand the range of applications in the Windows Store.

: The Verge

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