Microsoft has signed an agreement with Baidu to convince China to choose Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft signed an agreement with Baidu to convince China to choose Windows 10

Microsoft заключила соглашение с Baidu, чтобы убедить Китай выбрать Windows 10

China is not especially inclined to give freedom to the operating systems from Microsoft, as evidenced by the recent efforts of the authorities to find an alternative to Windows. Microsoft in any case does not surrender and tries to achieve success in the Chinese market with the new Windows 10, giving potential users a reason to use it. One way to achieve this is with the search giant Baidu, which can be called the Chinese Google.

In accordance with the agreement, is the home page and search engine default in Microsoft Edge in the Chinese market, while Baidu will promote the upgrade to the new system among its active users, which the company has more than 600 million. Users of Windows 10 will available universal app Baidu – search, video, cloud and maps.

According to Microsoft, about 10 million Chinese users have already updated their computers to Windows 10, but Redmond continues to interfere with the high level of piracy and the great popularity of older versions of Windows in the country. Therefore, the company is willing to sacrifice their own search engine Bing to adapt their offer to local needs in the hope to contribute to the dissemination of the new OS.

Will this be enough to convince Chinese users to choose Windows 10? In case this does not help, Microsoft entered into other agreements. In fact, the Alliance with Baidu is one of the seven agreements signed by Redmond with Chinese companies and local agencies to promote the expansion of Windows 10 and other services. The list of participants includes:

  • Unisplendour Corporation (UNIS) and 21Vianet – agreement about cloud solutions;
  • ETC – the agreement on the deployment of Windows 10 in public and business institutions;
  • Xi’xian New Area – agreement on big data, cloud computing, startups and training;
  • Xiaomi – the company will use Microsoft Azure to provide access to Mi Cloud;
  • Shanghai Oriental Pearl Media Company – an agreement to use Office 365.
  • The government of Sichuan province – the agreement on the formation and development of startups and cloud computing;

It is hoped that the partnership strategy will help to make a breakthrough in the market, which remains one of the most difficult for Microsoft.

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